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1. Attendance for the day of admission and
One visitor per patient permitted if the patient is unable to be admitted alone.
2 The case of hospital permission.
Do not enter the patient's room, please leave soon after the explanation.

*The visitors with cough or fever(≧37.5℃(99.5° F)) are exceptions.
*Masks, hand sanitizer and temperature checks are necessary.
Your cooperation is highly appreciated.

1/23/2021 Hospital Director

Obtained JMIP certification

On September 10, 2020, our hospital acquired the certification of "JMIP", a certification system related to accepting foreign patients.
JMIP is a "medical institution certification system for accepting foreign patients", and this certification system was established by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare as part of a national project to promote the smooth acceptance of foreign patients in order for foreigners to be able to use Japanese medical services safely and securely.
Japanese, English, and Chinese have been added to the in-hospital display of each clinical department, department, and ward, and we have translated various documents such as explanatory documents, consent forms, and menus into English and Chinese.
In addition, we created a request procedure for interpreting service, etc., and established a process for collaboration between departments in order to provide a smooth response throughout the hospital.
Even after the certification, we will continue to work on the hospital as a whole so that each staff member can deepen their understanding of languages and culture,and in order for all patients to be able to receive high-quality medical care and receive medical treatment with peace of mind.


此外,制作了口译等的委托流程,为了让医院全体人员都能顺利应对,还决定了部门间的合作方法等。 认证后,每一位职员都会加深对言语学和文化的理解,为了让所有患者都能接受高质量的医疗,安心地进行疗养,医院全体人员会全力以赴。